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A Severe Spanking

(The Law) was not God’s list of steps one through ten thousand of what you must do to be right with Him. It was God’s list of all you have done wrong, proving that you can never be right with God unless He provides another form of payment. It was not to set you free. The Law was to bind and destroy you. It was a severe spanking for the whole human race to turn us from sin and self-salvation.

Andrew Wommack

Article: The True Nature of God

The Gospel of Power

The church has a clear assignment: we are to exhibit the multifaceted wisdom of God, now!… It is part of the “witness” that turns people’s heads in the same way as the nations were impacted by Solomon’s wisdom… In the same way agreement with the devil empowers His to kill, steal, and destroy, so agreement with God releases God to accomplish His purposes in and through us to the world around us…

The world has longed for a message they could experience. Yet many believers have simply tried to make the good news more intellectually appealing. This must stop! The natural mind cannot receive the things of God (see 1 Cor 2:14). The wisdom of God is foolishness to men. It’s time to be willing to appear foolish again, that we might provide the world with a message of power that delivers, transforms, and heals. This is true wisdom. It alone satisfies the cry of the human heart.

Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 48-9.

What is the Question ?

Jesus Christ is perfect theology. He is the “…exact representation of His nature” (Heb. 1:3), the ultimate portrayal of the Father. Questions that exist about God’s nature in the Old Testament were clarified in the New Testament. When I teach about God’s absolute desire and provision to heal, I am asked, “What about Job?” I respond, “I’m not a disciple of Job, I’m a disciple of Jesus.” Job’s life helped create the awareness for the need of a savior. Job is the question. Jesus is the answer.

If our study of Job and other Old Testament issues doesn’t lead us to Jesus as the answer, it reveals we never really understood the question. The types and symbols of the Old Testament do not override the clear manifestation of God through Jesus in the New Testament. Any understanding we have about the nature of God that can’t be seen in the person of Jesus, must be questioned. How many people came to Jesus for a miracle and left disappointed? None! He was 100 percent successful as a man dependent on God… He manifested the will of God. And we must not change it to fit our experience. It is time to manifest the will of God again.

– Bill Johnson

Dreaming With God, Destiny Image, 2006: 148.


3 thoughts on “Articles

  1. We welcome your articles based on scriptures, please post articles that is useful to others !!!!!!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Genxprophets Team

  2. Why God gave Adam & Eve a commandment?
    Let’s start from the beginning. When god created Lucifer and all angels. There was no commandment. There was only one unspoken commandment that is god himself. For the first time SIN came in to existence within Lucifer by the pride which he developed within himself by seeing all that is given by god to him.
    He was born in sin within his own womb. He came in to existence by himself in sin. That is the reason he is the God of SIN. The same way God exists by himself. He existed in to SIN by himself. God created an ARC angel lucifer. But he himself gave birth for himself as Satan. God is not responsible for Satan. Then later god created Adam and eve on the earth. For the first time he is giving a commandment to them.
    Because, God gave equivalent power to man while creating him. If this commandment was not given. Lucifer will come and tempt him like this. “See you are equivalent to god. Don’t sit below him. Go high up and sit above god”. He will try to impart his lust for the position of god in to Adam. And if Adam lusted for that place, then the place of man and lucifer will be the same. There will be no purpose for Jesus (Because eve he can’t save him).
    So god gave this commandment to Adam to protect himself for lusting for the position of god. But still Adam yielded himself for that sin. Observe. When devil tempted eve. He didn’t speak about the taste of the fruit but instead he spoke if you eat this you will be like god you will kwon good and bad like god. He successfully imparted the lust for the position of god in to eve and Adam.
    Eating a fruit is not a sin. But the purpose for which adam and eve eat the fruit is sin “They lusted for the position of god. The same sin done by lucifer”. Why man is forgiven but not Lucifer? Even god gave forgiveness to lucifer. But he was not ready to accept it. He still fights for the position of god. This is the same way happening today. God is ready with forgiveness. But humans are not ready to accept it. Because of the pride in them, this is the same pride in the heart of lucifer.
    Whoever has the pride of lucifer within them to reject Jesus, are lucifer himself (through the same pride) and they go to hell along with him. Whoever has the humbleness to accept Jesus, are Jesus himself (Through the same love in him). They go to heaven along with him.
    The pride of devil in a mans heart make him one more lucifer.
    The (Humbleness/Love) of Jesus in a mans heart makes him one more Jesus.
    Choice is yours. Choose Jesus.
    Team, GenxProphets.

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